Qualitative and Quantitative Research
    1) Research and Brand Audits are valuable tools to navigate the way towards an appropriate Brand Positioning.
    2) Qualitative Research usually produces unique insights towards your Target Audience and how your brandreally resonates with their lifestyles.
    3) We consider relevant local Local Research as well as International Trends (Quantitative Research).

    Brand Strategy (Brand Blueprint Development)
    1) It is of utmost importance that your Brand is positioned to achieve the following:
    - Relevance
    - Differentiation
    - Credibility
    2) We suggest that the Development of a Brand Blueprint is undertaken in union with a core team representing the client to ensure that objectives are met from the word go.

    A typical Brand Blueprint consists of:
    1) The Personality of the Brand
    2) The Brand Values
    3) The Brand Essence (Gestalt)
    4) The Brand Positioning Statement

    Brand Workshops
    These workshops aim to explore Strategic Possibilities through “Blue Sky” thinking to ensure a sustainable future for the Brand

    The Communication Strategy
    1) The Communication Strategy flows out of the Strategic Brand Positioning.
    2) The following elements form part of a Communication Strategy:
    - Competitor Analysis (Direct and Indirect)
    - Target Audience Insights
    - A Campaign Messaging Platform
    - Campaign and Creative Concepts
    - An Integrated Media Placement Strategy