/ Book Cover Design
Selection of Book Cover Designs by Flame Studio
Design, Photography, Writing
  • Blood at Bay: NB Publishers
  • Net 'n Lewe (Just a Life): Lapa Publishers
  • Sexy Medisyne (Sexy Medicine): Lapa Publishers
  • Brein Bliksem (Brain Bugger): NB Publishers
  • The Fence: NB Publishers
  • Die dag toe ek my hare losgemaak het (The day I let my hair down): NB Publishers
  • The case of business in developing countries: Penguin Books
  • Agaat: Johnathan Ball Publishers
  • Willemien: Lapa Publishers
  • Siegfried: Kwela Publishers
  • Soul of the ape: NB Publishers
  • We are not all like that: Kwela Publishers
  • Blind Faith: NB Publishers
  • Horrelpoot: NB Publishers